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Hi, I'm Katja and I'm a qualified UIMLA International Mountain Leader. I have lots of experience leading walking groups going back 17 years, whether in Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria or Germany. The most remote place I've ever led a group was in Kamchatka, beyond Siberia - next stop, Japan! I fell in love with the mountains on family holidays and always knew I just had to live in the Alps one day.

Michael and I discovered Aosta by chance on a walking holiday in 2010. We came here only because the weather was so awful everywhere else! One thing led to another and so, in 2018, we hired a van and drove from Germany to Aosta for good, with our two cats, of course...

I'm originally from northwestern Germany, but I've lived in Belgium, France, England and now Italy.

Hello! I'm Michael and I'm a fully licenced Valle d'Aosta tour guide. Before moving here with Katja in 2018, I had 10 years' experience working as a city guide in Berlin. Now I live and work in a very different kind of place! Alongside my ongoing research, I am writing a book about Aosta's history which will be ready in 2022.

As a historian, I connect to where I am living by learning about the Valley of Aosta's past and how its present form took shape. Sharing what I've learned and always learning more is what I'm all about. Aosta is a really special place to learn & to live - all that's lacking now is a dog (coming soon)..

I was born in Wimbledon, London and have lived in Germany and Italy.

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We met in London in 2006 and have been together for 14 years now. We met at an international theatre school, when we had both already left university and had been working for more than 10 years. We're now really excited to be working together in a way that combines our complementary roles as a walking leader and a tour guide. That combination along with the personal touch is what we believe makes Aosta Wanderlust different and special.

We want to make the time you spend with both or either of us the best time of your holiday! We really look forward to hearing from you!

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